8 Sure Signs Your Long Distant Relation Is Coming To An End




Being in a long distant relationship isn’t a piece of cake and with the pro’s comes many con’s. It believed that those in long distant relationships tend to break up more than those who see regularly. There’s no proof to back up this statement. Here are some telltale signs that your long distant relationship might be hitting the rocks

1. THERE IS AN ALWAYS EXCUSE: If either of you are constantly making up an excuse to why you cannot talk, it might be a red flag. You can always carve out a #little bit of your day to Skype or call your partner.
Make sure you are not exaggerating how busy you are to get out of communicating.

2. YOU START FOCUSING ON THE NEGATIVES: There must be some reason you are in a long distance relationship.
Some positives of your partner that you love so much you are willing to risk all of the negatives for them.
If you find yourself focusing so much on all the negatives of either your partner or the long distance relationship, then maybe you are not willing to risk it anymore. Long distance relationships are incredibly hard, and it is not uncommon to notice the negatives. But if it is all you can think about for more than a month, that is one of the big signs your long distance relationship ending.

3. YOU START AVOIDING PROBLEM SOLVING: Because you get to choose when to talk to your partner, it is easy to avoid talking to them. You may avoid talking about your problems or communicating at all.
Both are warning signs. A key part of maintaining any relationship is working through your problems. It is important to make sure that you don’t use long distance as an excuse to avoid your problems because it is so easy to stop any communication.

4. THERE IS NO CHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE: If you are in a long distance relationship, you must be dedicated towards a future, or else you wouldn’t put yourself through the tough times that come along with it. If you and your partner stop talking about what the future brings, how can you ever expect your long distance relationship to turn into a close relationship? You should not feel that your relationship has reached its peak when you two are apart.

5. AWKWARDNESS IN PERSON: When you finally get a chance to visit you two should be thrilled! If he looks bored or acts awkward, then there must be a reason behind his strangeness. Maybe he’s just shy, because he’s used to talking to you over electronics, but maybe his feelings for you have changed. Maybe

6.YOU ARE ALWAYS FRUSTRATED: Trust me, I get how frustrating long distance relationships can be. But, if you find yourself constantly annoyed at your partner, frustrated at your relationship, or even frustrated at yourself, it may be one of the signs that your long distance relationship is ending. The whole point of a relationship is to make you happy. If your long distance relationship makes you constantly angry, why remain in it?

7. OVERLY JEALOUS: When you tell a story about a guy/girl that you work with, does your boy/girlfriend flip out? If he/she gets way too jealous anytime you mention another girl/guy, your relationship won’t last long.
Jealousy and long distance relationships don’t mix well. If he/she doesn’t trust you, it’ll be over soon.

8. NO MORE “I LOVE YOU’S”: When you’re in a long distance relationship, words are incredibly important.
Since you can’t hug or kiss your partner, you need to show them you care with your words.
If your boy/girlfriend used to tell you that he loved you every single day, but refuses to say it now, then something’s wrong.


How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is About To Dump You



There are various reasons why a woman would want to breakup with her man, I could start stating the reasons but I’d leave that for another day. Sometimes when a woman tells her man she’s tired and she wants to call it quits the men are always caught by surprise. Below are sure signs that your lady is about to leave you.


Women consider the Facebook relationship status to be a crucial part of their relationships, because it tells the world that their partners are not available. If the Facebook status is hidden or even worse, if she has changed it to single this is not a subtle message – she is already considering other romantic options.


If she begins claiming to not “be in the mood” or doesn’t seem to be as active a participant as she used to be in the bedroom, you have a problem. Getting things back to where they were and beyond takes work. Try to find out why she lost sexual interest in you.

It could be one of the following: You became too clingy and needy for attention,  You lost your identity and based too much of your life on her, neglecting your hobbies and friends  or You got out of shape.


Women who are in love are interested in every single thing you do, and will always try to engage you in a conversation that shows she cares about you.


Our bodies don’t lie and always express our true feeling toward something or someone. These are some subtle signs and gestures you need to watch out for: When waiting (such as in a line or at a red light) she doesn’t stand close to you and her feet point away from you. Or she generally avoids physical contact with you or doesn’t reciprocate when you initiate it. When eating somewhere she looks out the door or window. When you sit next to each other, she leans and crosses her legs away from you (most of the time). Her eyes don’t light up when you meet her gaze and her face appears emotionless.


A woman that does not want to be with a guy might be a bit snappy and very negative about everything. She may be trying to demonstrate that she is not fun to be with in order to turn you off and drive you away.


It could be that she used to be quite jealous, and now, there is no reaction at all if another woman threatens your relationship. This is a sign that she is hoping someone else will take you off her hands, so she doesn’t have to endure that ugly break-up conversation with you.


A woman who is going to leave will complain about your personal hygiene, the way you keep house, your weight and anything else she finds flawed about you. This constant criticism is her way of building a case in her mind and your mind as to why she should be able to leave you without guilt. She provokes arguments because she views you as an enemy that she must try to evict from her life. If the fights are verbally abusive or violent, then it is obvious that it is time to leave.


While the internet is currently trending with Davido’s scandal, the Psquare’s brothers split cannot be easily swept under the carpet. In the past week, fans and concerned Nigerians have had to deal with the reality of not seeing their favourite twin brothers, Peter and Paul, perform together anymore.

Reports that made round the internet said, Peter Psquare had signed a termination letter of the contract he had with Psquare, to be legally separated from Paul, after he had threatened to kill him and his family. According to Peter, he no longer felt safe with his brother and so, he demanded to go his way.

Shortly after the termination letter surfaced online, a video also surfaced. In the video, the Psquare brothers were engaged in a verbal attack that almost led to a physical combat at their lawyer’s office, Keyamo. However, Keyamo immediately reacted to the surfaced video with the claims that the scene from the video happened some years back.

The Psquare brother’s split is not well received from a lot of their colleagues as many of them had several things to say about their fight, urging them to make peace and come back as one. Just recently, D’banj also weighed in his thoughts on the fight and has blamed it on Social media. According to D’banj, the social media is responsible for fuelling the rift with several negative reports, recounting that, the same thing happened when he exited from Don Jazzy’s Mo’ Hits Records.

In a recent chat with newsmen, when he was asked to air his opinion about the on-going crisis, between the brother,s he said, “The media should sit back and let them settle their issues amicably. They’ re making it worse by writing all sorts of stories about them. Brothers will always fight and get back as brothers, but the media should not write negative stories in a bid to make money off the headlines. Remember I almost became a victim of the media back then when I left Mo’ Hits, but I thank my stars that I pulled through and I am still here.”

Top Signs You May Be His Side Chick


There are so many women out there, who live under the illusion that they are the main and only chick of their man as their relationship appear to be serious but they are just being played and strung along by their man as those men are either married or have their special woman somewhere else but they are charming and also come with nice gifts to deceive unsuspecting women into believing that they genuinely care about them, but once they are done with these women they move on, leaving them heartbroken.

At times the signs are always there for women to know something is not right but for lack of evidence, they continue to believe in those dubious men, while some of the below listed may not be true at times but here are major signs you are the side chick and not the main madam so if you ever find yourself questioning your place in his life, just watch him closely, and look out for the following signs

He always has a story to tell: “He always has a story cooked up to tell you as his excuse for not being there when you need him on special days like your birthday, Valentine’s, etc, he ditches you on these special occasions to spend them with his main woman, and when you confront him about it, he has an already made excuse for you”. 

His stories don’t add up: “Sometime when you tell too many lies, you end up forgetting the ones you told previously when a man keeps starts telling you conflicting stories about his personal life, it may be a sign that he’s manipulating you; you must be careful”.

“He forms a sweet excuse about how he doesn’t want you to waste your money calling him, so, he’d like to do the calling, but the truth is, he’s just being cautious; he doesn’t want you calling because you could call at the wrong time of the day, say, when he’s spending time with his wife or main chick”.

“If he never hangs out with you or doesn’t appear in public with you, or only takes you off-town to chill, something is definitely going on, it could be because he knows his woman or her friends /people could walk in on you two at any time, so he wouldn’t risk it”.

“You’ve been dating him for months now, but you have never visited his place –in fact, you may not even know where he lives; he does the visiting, and when you tell him you want to know his place, he gives you a well-cooked excuse it may be that he doesn’t yet have a place of his own or something along the line; the actual truth is that he probably has a wife or fiancé back home so he will never take you there”.

“You’re with him, his phone rings, and he has to go a few meters away from you before he can answer the call, not that this happens with every call, but with certain ones, it may be a sign that you’re being played and it’s probably his main woman or wife calling, so in a bid to avoid answering different questions, he hides to take the call”.

Remember these are not sure signs, but they may be suggesting he is hiding something so if you notice any of these signs, you may need to do some investigation of your own to find out what is really going on.

Real Reasons Why Guys Dump You After S3x

At this point, you may have guessed that men who lose interest after having sex are the ones who wanted nothing but sex and that’s correct. Why do men do anything to be with you before having s3x, only to turn around and leave after?

Here are 6 answers to why he stopped calling after having s3x with youYou give too much: “Men don’t fall in love when they receive, they fall in love when they give they fall in love before s3x, not after it and if he thinks that he’s earned the right to be with you by winning you over through the effort and struggle of courtship, he will stay with you”.

For some men, all they wanted was s3x in the first place and nothing more:“At a certain time in some guys’ lives, s3x is all they want and they will do anything to get it, they will work hard, schmooze you, have a great time, and then once it happens they realize they need to push away because s3x was all they wanted”

He thought he was falling for you until he had s3x with you and realized he doesn’t know you: “Sometimes we can get just blinded by lust and think we know people better than we really do so obviously you’re going to hope you have someone’s first name before you jump into bed with them but sometimes men, and women—of course, this happens in genders—get really excited and you have this incredible physical chemistry between the two of you then you finally have s3x and realize you actually know nothing about that person, they are just a stranger.”The s3xual chemistry just isn’t there: “Maybe he just wasn’t into it, maybe he likes one thing, you like something else, and it just wasn’t there and that happens all the time and it’s perfectly natural”.He’s scared that you’re getting too emotionally involved: “It happens all the time for guys, they think it’s just something casual; they’re just pursuing, having a great time, and not really interested in anything at this point and time in their lives anyway then they jump into bed with the woman and notice it happens actually very quick and she starts to get a little bit more emotionally involved than he does, she starts to really like him and starts to show signs that she’s really interested in something more and at this point men will sometimes lose interest, especially if they’re not really involved or want that level of emotional connection”.

Not all relationships are meant to last: “If you think about it, many if not most relationships you have in your life are just meant to last a very short period of time it is because there are so many places where a relationship is just not going to work out—where you’re just not compatible so in order for a relationship to last, you need to survive so many levels of compatibility: s3xual compatibility, intellectual compatibility, values; so many things need to click for two people to really have something for the long haul and many times when two people have s3x for the first time, that’s a moment of clarity in the relationship and a lot of times men will just generally back off”.

3 Rules Of Having A Successful Friends With Benefits Affair


So. You don’t want something serious, yet you want someone at hand for s3x, gifts etc.

But what are the golden rules you must adhere to?

1. Don’t Fall in Love – no matter how exciting and intriguing it might be for you, understand that the next person may not necessarily be feeling this way. DO NOT FALL IN LOVE!

2. Keep Your Affair Very Secret – It is all well and good to trust your friends. But understand that the moment you tell them you are engaged in this kind of affair, tongues would begin to wag.

3. Know When To Quit; Know when to run. Understand when to leave a relationship that has run its course.

Thank you for reading.

Popular rapper and bearer of the “King of the South” title, Yung6ix recently spent about 4 million Naira on drinks at a night club in Lagos. The rapper posted a video on social media, showing-off the bill with multiple zeros boldly written on it. According to him, he was drinking to his accomplishments but a lot of observers are of the opinion that the money should have been put to better use. What do you think, share your thoughts?