Steps To Deal With Communication Problems In Your Relationship


Communication is the key in any relationship, it solves a lot of relationship problems and also minimizes the tendency of getting one’s heart broken but every relationship has their own fair share of communication problems and also ways they work them out.
For couples experiencing communication problems in their relationships, below are ways you can work it out with your partner.
Realise your relationship has a problem: “The first step to repairing any communication problems in your relationship is actually realizing that your relationship has a problem, it is hard to admit it in the beginning, but once you do, you’ll feel so much better and know how to communicate with your better half”.
Talk a lot: “One of the biggest barriers that people experience when they are dealing with communication problems is the fact that they don’t talk, when they do talk, they typically fight so ladies, if you want to work out your problems with communication, you have to talk them out and actually coordinate some time to have a conversation with your man”.
Try a different approach: “So nagging and yelling hasn’t worked, right? why not try a different approach?it’ll work better and you could always just see if your man responses in a different way”.
Do not talk over each other: “If you’re having communication problems, it’s probably because you aren’t listening to one another, take a couple seconds out and really open your ears, instead of trying to get your point across”.
Do not get angry: “Just because you aren’t communicating the best, doesn’t mean that you have to get frustrated instead, keep your anger in check and I can problem that it’ll be that much better for your relationship and you won’t have nearly as many fights”.
Keep calm: “Ladies, make sure that no matter what, you stay calm. Blowing up just because of something that your man says isn’t the way to get his attention or the way to get your point across but instead, just make sure that you stay calm, cool and collected and also listen to him”.




*Letter to all Upcoming Artists*

Do you know you can help us to help your music career?

• Record a fine cut of lyrical song

• Get a professional to mix and master for you

• Get a professional graphics for your artwork

• Pay your promoter

• Take time to talk about your promoter and make him fell as if he’s the only one you’ve gat.

• Appreciate any little thing about your song

• Love to hear feedbacks from your listeners no matter what they have to say

• Be nice, and don’t be pompous because you gat your song promoted by a Professional

• Always be friendly to those around you

• Do not ignore chats or messages from people

That’s what’s on my mind for you today

(Let’s quickly discuss about your song, let make it known to the world)

How to Turn a Boring Relationship into Party of Love!


We have all been in this situation. At first it was a passionate relationship. After a while, the fire of passion becomes a lot colder. How to Turn a Boring Relationship into Party of Love! How to Turn a Boring Relationship into Party of Love!
You get used to each other and then take each other for granted. And very often this turns into a constant sliding down of your relationship into a boring state of just staying together – losing all drive for each other just because you are so used to one another.
However, this is not how it needs to be. You can reawaken the lost passion for each other and turn a boring relationship into what it began as, a party of love.
Here are 10 tips for you to boil up the flame of passion in your relationship:-
1. Make an Adventure List
Is every day the same for you? From your way to the office, your job, your meals and your relationship? How to Turn a Boring Relationship into Party of Love! How to Turn a Boring Relationship into Party of Love! How to Turn a Boring Relationship into Party of Love!
Getting too much used to your relationship and taking each other for granted is a deadly poison. But this can be counteracted by some help from Indiana Jones – simply make your life and your relationship adventurous!
Collect a list of crazy, fun things you wanted to do with your partner, but haven’t managed to do so as yet. Break your limited thinking and go beyond your normal ideas of going to the movies. How to Turn a Boring Relationship into Party of Love!
Break the usual routine and do the “not so normal” things with your loved one:-
* book a rafting trip
* go skydiving
* go on an adventure trip
* do some charity work
You see you don’t have to kill snakes to revive your love life. Just do something out of the ordinary. Do something bold and adventurous together.
2. Create a List of Things you Always Wanted to Do.

There must be many things you always wanted to do. Besides the adventure stuff that I already mentioned, over the years there must have been many things that you mentioned to each other, about what you wanted to do. But then circumstances took you away from doing them. How to Turn a Boring Relationship into a Party of Love!
Keep a note of these things. Write down what you always wanted to do, where you always wanted to travel, what your partner always wanted to see, and what he or she smiled at, whenever they saw it.
Keeping a notebook with all these little things allows you to come up with ideas to surprise your partner without you getting stressed over it.
Also note, what makes your partner smile. If you can enjoy these things together it will make your love and passion grow.
If you write it down on time, it will save you lots of headache in the years to come.
Do childlike things together. Just remember – why would you ever want to grow up anyway!
3. Plan your Time
Don’t let another weekend slip by. Get out your lists, and remove any blocks of comfort. Make the next weekend a project of passion. Book a romantic hotel, arrange a candlelight dinner, book a safari, be outrageous and surprise your partner.
You wouldn’t take on a business project without a plan and a schedule. So shouldn’t your love life be the most important project in your life? Schedule it and share it.
Plan mini-dates, where you might meet for a romantic dinner or spend some time in a luxury hotel together. Let your imagination run wild.

4.Create Precious Moments of Passion
Passion does not come from the big gestures, but from tiny, special gestures full of awareness.
We always think of passion as this big, explosive thing. Yet that is not what passion is really about. It is simply about the small things and the way you did and felt those special moments:-
* The way you touched, when you were deeply in love.
* The way you smiled whenever you saw each other.
* The way you looked into each other’s eyes.
* The way you held each other’s hands.
* The way you said “I love you”
Tonality and intonation convey so much more information than the actual word.
Go one step further, and create your ideal valentine’s day everyday!
Remember how you said “I love you” in those early moments of your love – and say it just like that. I am sure the goose bombs will soon come back when you do so!
Becoming aware of these special things is the key. Be in the moment and just focus on that touch, that kiss and that look – experience it with all of your senses.
When the relationship was new, that awareness of precious moments was automatic. Now you just have to become a little more proactive to recapture it.
Don’t fall in love, create love instead!
5. Speak to the Left Eye
There is something very intimate about our eyes. They are called the windows to the soul, and looking into each other’s eyes is a very powerful way of opening up and letting your souls touch each other.
One very powerful way to do this is to get your heads real close, and you will notice that if you come real close, your eyes are switching from focusing on your partner’s left to right eye.
If you want to speak directly to your lover’s soul, you should focus on their left eye. Every word you will speak, while focusing the left eye will have a very different quality compared to speaking while focusing on the right eye.
It is because you are stimulating different parts of their brain. Looking in the left eye and softly saying “I love you” is one of the most intimate things you can do with your partner.
Try it today as soon as you can.
Also, whether or not you believe in soulmates, it’s all about what you are willing to do to create a soulmate like relationship.
6. Learn to Laugh again Together
Laughter is one of the best medicines in the world. Remember what it was like to be child-like! !
Why would you ever want to grow up anyway!?
Remember also that laughter is one of the best ways to strengthen your bond with people.
Make a plan to get more laughter into your life. Watch comedy movies, join a laughter class or yoga.
Tell each other jokes, make a commitment to come each up with one good joke a day and share it with your partner, and don’t be shy with it – yes you can even share the “dirty” ones (for men: I know a lot of women, who like dirty jokes too).
7. Share your Erotic Dreams with your Partner
Sex is a crucial part of a healthy relationship. And it is very often the first part where passion will go to sleep, and be replaced with routine and boredom. And eventually external stress will even kill that little rest of intimacy.
Again don’t let it happen. Don’t let this vital part of your relationship die a slow death.
Remember how you felt the first time you touched each other and got intimate. You had fantasies and you enjoyed the game. And it is vital to remember that sex is nothing but a game to play (yes it will also bring the kids to life, but that is not something you should focus on to reawaken your love life.) Learn to play it again. Have fun. Giggle a lot before, during and after. Don’t take it too seriously.
Also do talk to each other a lot about it. Do you have fantasies? Do you want to be touched in a specific way? Don’t think that your partner will get it via telepathy. No – tell him or her. Don’t be shy. Speak to each other about it.
And play, play, play – a lot!
8. Learn the Art of Touching
This tip one goes hand in hand with your erotic experience, yet touching has many layers of experience. Become aware of your own reactions to touch. If your lover touches your shoulder in that special way, what reactions does that trigger within you?
Talk about it. Tell your lover, what feels good. And where it feels good. Explore each other’s sensisitive areas. But don’t stop there.
There is a quality to hugging, embracing, holding hands, touching the neck or the face. All of these send different signals. Become aware of it and tell your partner how you feel inside.
9. Talk About your Inner and Outer World
Relationship is all about sharing. And it is also about sharing the world you live in as well as sharing the world that lives within you.
Tell your partner about your day, but also about your dreams, hopes, ambitions, fears, worries. Invite him or her into your world and join theirs.
Opening up yourself in this way will not only revive the passion in your life, but will open up new layers of love.
And stop being an approval seeking machine!


10. Rejoice every Moment with your Partner – Since Time is Limited
After a while you take each other for granted. But this is just an illusion. You should always remember that your time here on earth and the time with your partner is very limited. There are only so many years you can share together.
Actually, every breath you take brings you and your partner closer to the moment, when you will pass away. But this shouldn’t bring you into a state of sorrow – instead it should bring you into an awareness of the moment.
There is only one moment, when you can fully experience joy, passion, love and happiness together. And that moment is NOW – each one of you can leave this earth the next minute (if God or whatever you believe in decides so).
So become aware of the joy you can share now with your lover. Become aware of the happiness that will fill your whole being, once you allow it to.
Become aware that this moment right now is precious and a gift.
Celebrate this moment with your loved one – take the gift of life, love and happiness and rejoice in it. That’s where passion is born from.
To end, make every moment from now onwards with your partner one of love and passion – and indeed, create a party of love.
By-Arvind Devalia

Niger Delta University Joins ASUU strike

The Chairman of Niger Delta University chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, Dr Stanley Oguon, has said, the ASUU chapter of the University have joined the ongoing nationwide strike declared by the union.
Oguon today said, the declaration followed a resolution reached after the local union emergency congress.
On Monday, ASUU instructed all its state chapters to go on an indefinite nationwide industrial action.
Oguon said in Yenagoa that although the university was preparing for its end of semester examinations, the lecturers believe in the genuineness of the ASUU struggle.
A student of the university, Andy Micheal, urged the Federal Government to negotiate with ASUU to prevent the strike from extending.
He said that any delay in the negotiation would have effects on students and the nation’s education sector.

Guys: 6 Things Need To Stop Doing Once You Have A Relationship


Relationships can be so sweet and interesting when you and your partner have a mutual understanding if you have been a single guy for long and you just get into a relationship you might be rusty and not know how to handle a relationship again. There are some
things every man has to stop doing once they have a relationship.
There are some things every man has to stop doing once they have a relationship, here are things every
guy needs to stop doing once you have a relationship.
1. Don’t go out with her friends: Never hang out with your woman’s friends without her there, you never know which of them are jealous of your
relationship and are just waiting for an opportunity for you to make a mistake and use it against you.
2. Not everytime brothers before women: It is high time you drop that saying of “Bro before hoes”, now that you have a woman endeavour to spend more time with her, it is understandable you will want to hang out with your friends but stop spending time with them and ignoring your partner.
3. Never make fun of her in front of other people: Never make your woman an object of discussions in front of others and never make her a case for your jokes no matter how funny it might be.
4. STOP PORN:“When you frequently go online to masturbate, you’re not only wasting your libido on your hand you’re also raising the bar for your
girlfriend’s performances. It is bad enough that she has to compete with all of your exes—don’t make her compete with p0rn, too and s3x is a way for you two to connect, not a way for you to fulfil your unrealistic, p0rn-fed expectations if you’re
getting some from a woman, give your hand a break”.
5. Don’t be a drunk: “Alcohol might be a magic poison that kills all of your insecurities, but it can also kill
your relationship”.
6. Don’t disappear without giving her notice: You have a woman now, you can’t just go off the radar
without prior notice if you need some time and space to alone communicate it to her and keep your relationship healthy and happy.

6 mistakes Nigerian girls make when they fall in l


Nigerian girls seem to do things without thinking them through. Although one may have little or no control over the people one falls in love with, a little caution would save one from possible heartbreaks.
We really cannot place where Nigerian girls get it wrong when it comes to love; they are so eager to jump into love as soon as they see the men possess the qualities they have always looked out for. They naturally assume investing their emotions into them is the right thing to do.
As much as the heart should be tended with love, it is essential for the ladies to be sane enough to weigh their options in the heat of
emotion. This means it is fatal to allow your emotions rule over your thoughts.
It is wrong to hold love responsible for your predicaments because you did not take the time to analyse things before rushing in.
Many relationships fail because the people who go into them do not know what they want; some
base their emotions and feelings on vague things. It is inevitable for pseudo-relationships like that to crash.
Nigerian girls should learn to put a rein on their emotions; it is sad to know that many of them develop foresight only after they must have been bashed and beaten many times. They keep making silly mistakes because they subject their emotions to slavery misinterpreted as love.
They claim to be in love barely three days after meeting men and drain their emotions into relationships like that. Find below some of the mistakes Nigerian girls make when they fall too quickly in love:
1. Go nuts on social medias

Nigerian girls do not know how to keep certain things private. Issues relating to love life and one’s affairs should be kept from the public especially if it is a budding relationship. Sadly, Nigerian girls take to their Facebook and Instagram pages to share pictures of them and their newly found love. These ladies throw caution to the wind and do everything they could
to make people know what is going on in their lives.
When they break up with the guys at the end of the day, they become embarrassed because most of their friends have tagged them with the

2. When they give up their dreams

As a result of the frustration many Nigerian ladies go through before going into relationships, they tend to lose their guards when they meet eligible men. They want to please them at all cost and stop living their dreams in the process. Their lives revolve around the men and they start to live for them.
This is one of the silly mistakes Nigerian girls make when they fall in love too fast.

3. They abandon their friends

Nigerian girls tend to ignore and abandon their friends as soon as they fall in love. They make the men all that matters in their lives and cut off from everyone.
What they do not know is that they need these friends in their journey in life. Friends can never be substituted with lovers; they would be the people to stand by them when times are tough.
Some Nigerian ladies might have had a bad fall out with their friends; however; they should not blow off everyone around them because they are in love.

4. When they are quick to consummate the affair

Nigerian girls make this fatal mistake when they fall in love too soon; they allow their emotions
take control and place their body needs in the way.
This often changes the definition of relationships as the guys may lose focus the moment they hit the honey pot. There is no point expecting much from a relationship like that because they have explored their potentials
It is understandable that the body could betray one sometimes and decide to stand against every rational thinking nerves. Self control should come into play then.

5. When they are quick to introduce him to their family members

Many Nigerian girls make this silly mistake when they fall in love. They meet some new guy one minute and they want him to meet their family members the next minute. This is
absolutely wrong; you should learn to take your time when it comes to matters like this.
Some men are not even worth taking home in the first place, but because the ladies are not patient enough, they take this step before they could think it through. Some guys become pest and would stalk you and your family members.

6. They put all their eggs into one basket

This is one grave mistake Nigerian girls make as a result of falling heads over heels in love.
They shut down every door and refuse to make friends with other guys because they are in love.
They should remain open and not live their lives in seclusion because they are in love with some people.
This is one of the reasons why many brokenhearted ladies wonder where they would start from because they must have insulted every other guy around them because they are in love.

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