6 mistakes Nigerian girls make when they fall in l


Nigerian girls seem to do things without thinking them through. Although one may have little or no control over the people one falls in love with, a little caution would save one from possible heartbreaks.
We really cannot place where Nigerian girls get it wrong when it comes to love; they are so eager to jump into love as soon as they see the men possess the qualities they have always looked out for. They naturally assume investing their emotions into them is the right thing to do.
As much as the heart should be tended with love, it is essential for the ladies to be sane enough to weigh their options in the heat of
emotion. This means it is fatal to allow your emotions rule over your thoughts.
It is wrong to hold love responsible for your predicaments because you did not take the time to analyse things before rushing in.
Many relationships fail because the people who go into them do not know what they want; some
base their emotions and feelings on vague things. It is inevitable for pseudo-relationships like that to crash.
Nigerian girls should learn to put a rein on their emotions; it is sad to know that many of them develop foresight only after they must have been bashed and beaten many times. They keep making silly mistakes because they subject their emotions to slavery misinterpreted as love.
They claim to be in love barely three days after meeting men and drain their emotions into relationships like that. Find below some of the mistakes Nigerian girls make when they fall too quickly in love:
1. Go nuts on social medias

Nigerian girls do not know how to keep certain things private. Issues relating to love life and one’s affairs should be kept from the public especially if it is a budding relationship. Sadly, Nigerian girls take to their Facebook and Instagram pages to share pictures of them and their newly found love. These ladies throw caution to the wind and do everything they could
to make people know what is going on in their lives.
When they break up with the guys at the end of the day, they become embarrassed because most of their friends have tagged them with the

2. When they give up their dreams

As a result of the frustration many Nigerian ladies go through before going into relationships, they tend to lose their guards when they meet eligible men. They want to please them at all cost and stop living their dreams in the process. Their lives revolve around the men and they start to live for them.
This is one of the silly mistakes Nigerian girls make when they fall in love too fast.

3. They abandon their friends

Nigerian girls tend to ignore and abandon their friends as soon as they fall in love. They make the men all that matters in their lives and cut off from everyone.
What they do not know is that they need these friends in their journey in life. Friends can never be substituted with lovers; they would be the people to stand by them when times are tough.
Some Nigerian ladies might have had a bad fall out with their friends; however; they should not blow off everyone around them because they are in love.

4. When they are quick to consummate the affair

Nigerian girls make this fatal mistake when they fall in love too soon; they allow their emotions
take control and place their body needs in the way.
This often changes the definition of relationships as the guys may lose focus the moment they hit the honey pot. There is no point expecting much from a relationship like that because they have explored their potentials
It is understandable that the body could betray one sometimes and decide to stand against every rational thinking nerves. Self control should come into play then.

5. When they are quick to introduce him to their family members

Many Nigerian girls make this silly mistake when they fall in love. They meet some new guy one minute and they want him to meet their family members the next minute. This is
absolutely wrong; you should learn to take your time when it comes to matters like this.
Some men are not even worth taking home in the first place, but because the ladies are not patient enough, they take this step before they could think it through. Some guys become pest and would stalk you and your family members.

6. They put all their eggs into one basket

This is one grave mistake Nigerian girls make as a result of falling heads over heels in love.
They shut down every door and refuse to make friends with other guys because they are in love.
They should remain open and not live their lives in seclusion because they are in love with some people.
This is one of the reasons why many brokenhearted ladies wonder where they would start from because they must have insulted every other guy around them because they are in love.

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