Commotion Among Residents as ‘Jesus Christ’ Image Found Inside a Tree (Photo)

Argentine residnts have been left in shock after discovering an image of Jesus in a tree trunk.
Residents of General Las Hera say they have been visited by a “holy power” after the astonishing likeness was discovered in the town near Buenos Aires this week, Sun UK reports.
One resident, named Pablo Jose Fredes, took pictures of the find.
He said: “This is a strong image, you can see Jesus Christ in the tree and when you are standing in front of the tree you can feel something inside yourself.”
Another local, named Ajv Velo, photographed the rare image and said: “So many people of faith have arrived in the area in order to see his face and to pray in front of the tree and offer themselves to God in front of it.”


The images were posted online and quickly went viral.
And that has seen busloads of pilgrims flock to the town to pay their respects and pray in the hope of receiving a holy blessing.
Residents say the tree is in an area of the city centre than is rarely used.
Scientists recently recreated what Jesus would have looked like using cutting-edge technology.
While a miracle was reported in Mexico when a statue of Mary began to cry.


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