Rapper, Yung6ix Allegedly Escapes Death

Rapper, Yung6ix has revealed how he escaped death, after an attack was made on his life.

Yesterday, the popular south south act bragged about how successful he is despite being told by his father that he would suffer.

The rapper however found himself as a target of a friend who wanted him dead, as he narrowly escaped been shot dead in an undisclosed location.

He made this known in a recent post where he wrote saying someone tried to shoot him in broad day light.

“some Nigga just tried to shoot me in broad day light.” 6ix said

Verdict is still out on if this is a publicity stunt as some of his fans advice him to report to the police for future protection while others remained skeptical.

Though, he didn’t reveal when and where or how he was shot, Yung6ix dropped hint in another post that the trigger was pulled by a close associate

It would be recalled that the rapper stated yesterday saying “when my dad was just 17, he made it clear if i go with my mum i was gonna suffer. he was right i’m suffering from success” .


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