Job opportunity


Tired of the unemployment in this country? And u wanna travel abroad? White collar jobs and handiworks are waiting for you in Canada… See visa before payment, pay half and travel the pay the rest wen u get there…

Contact: Greenlife Royal Pride Ltd.


*Visa Processing

Processing of Kuwait/Canada travel visa for clients.

*Ticket purchase

Purchasing tickets at an affordable price.


Providing you with safe and affordable accommodation

*Good Paying Jobs

Getting you good paying jobs. Jobs that have other benefits
Nurses,Machine operators,Truck drivers/ Drivers, Electricians,Security officers,Early childhood teachers/ Teachers,Financial controllers,Welders/ Fabricators,Plumbers /Tilers/Carpenters/Roofers,Graphic Designers e.t.c

*Youth Development

Empowering youths with skills, which make them financially independent.

*Vocational Training

Offering vocational skills that enable them work for themselves, and create jobs for others.

*Technical Training

Offering technical trainings for various fields.

*Professional Employees Sourcing

Help to place job seekers in the right job and company.

For More Info:-

Contact: +2348021431354



Abuja: Angel Park Place Hotel, Plot 22,F.
Okotie Eboh Crescent, Utako District, Abuja.
Oyo State: Molete, opposite Pubic Library, Ibadan.
Lagos: Ikorodu Expressway


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