Episode 9
Daniel and Darasimi talked for long time, Daniel gave her all she brought for her. Both were happy and departed.The car headed back to the palace. Daniel got into the palace, the car was parked by the driver he came down of the car, turning his head to the right side. He saw Ruth and her friends sitting there, they were all gisting with textbooks with each of them. They were all preparing for the post UME examination.Daniel smiled a little, he trudged to theswimming pool, just to greet them before entering into the palace. He gotthere and continued smiling.Rachael sighted his presence first. She smiled back at him.‘Hi.’ She waved.The other friends also looked at the back at the same interval. They were all smiling at Daniel. Daniel bowed for them all and walked closer.‘Hello friends.’ He smiled.Ruth was facing the textbook she heldsquarely, as if she was that serious with it. She was only shy to greet him and couldn’t look at him.‘Hello.’ Beatrice also waved smiling.‘Yeah, hello’ Stella also greeted.‘I’m Dan, may I know you all, apart from My Princess.’ He replied still smiling.‘I feel flattered.’ The princess thought in her, nevertheless, she didn’t behave as if she saw all what was on.‘I’m Rachael.’ She introduced, standing up and smiling. She stretched her hand forward to shake him.‘Oooh! Good name.’ They both shook.Stella also stood up and stretched her hand forward. ‘I’m stella.’ She used herhand to pull up her gown at the chest, as if she was in a fashion parade.‘What’s all wrong with this one, is it thematter of her blue gown or what? As if her name is even fine.’ Daniel thought within him.‘Aah! You girls have good names, Stella! Wao!’ He smiled, although not that impressed.Beatrice also stood up and smiled, stretching forward her hand also. ‘I’m Beatrice.’ She also introduced.‘Beatrice?’ Daniel was surprised.‘Sure, you don’t like the name?’ Beatrice asked smiling.‘I do, even like mad. That’s the name ofmy sister, that’s why I’m a little bit surprised.‘That sounds cool.’ Beatrice laughed.Daniel walked back to the princess and bowed. ‘My princess, I greet thee.’ He uttered bowing.Ruth just faced her back and saw him bowing. They all laughed out at him.‘You don’t need all this Daniel.’ She smiled.Daniel raised his head and also smiledto her. “I do ma, you are the princess of this Kingdom. I do need it.’ He uttered.‘That! I won’t receive from you, don’t use “ma” for me again.’ She smiled and wondered.‘I must, its your deserved right, I must always place it on you.’ He uttered.Beatrice laughed out from within. The other girls came together and started talking silently. They all liked Daniel.‘I insist! No!’ The princess said.‘Alright ma.’ He uttered.‘You’ve just said ma again!’ She exclaimed.‘I’ll just start getting used to it ma.’ He replied.‘Okay, make that fast.’ She smiled also.‘What have you guys been reading?’ He asked and smiled.‘Working some difficult-without-answer mathematics questions. So tough.’ Princess uttered.‘Sure. We’ve not gotten any, since.’ Rachel uttered.Daniel moved towards their textbooks and taught them all.….

Episode 10
Daniel trudged back to his room after teaching Princess Ruth and her friends the mathematics. He was respected for his intelligence and brilliance. It was of a great surprise to the princess and her friends that the questions they didn’t find an answer to was gotten by Daniel.The king had some visitors, so Daniel couldn’t stay with him. During their tripto abroad, the king bought it a powerful golden mouth organ, although he demanded for it. As from then, the king has begged him that he would be playing it for him in the palace, when he needs it. It did bring comfort to the king, whenever he listens to his musics played on mouth organ.Daniel has composed a lot of songs, this made the King like him so much, he was creative, obedient, intelligent, brilliant, a normal stature and handsome. The Princess also loved him for all this features, but the Queendidn’t that love him. She would think it in him as the saviour of the King, that made her spend a short time on the throne.The king bought a lot of inhalers while coming back from abroad, the princess was an asthmatic patient who did experience it frequently. She was also a very beautiful and attractive lady, she wasn’t that brilliantbut of a little intelligence. She was of the same height with Daniel and blessed with a sparkling with teeth. She hated lies and hated it when all what she wanted wasn’t gotten for her. A friend to all the chieves’ daughters, the Princess without rival, the princess of the Kingdom.Darasimi, also one of the most beautiful girls in that Kingdom, also with her white teeth and a space at thetwo front teeth, upper jaw (incisors). That made her more beautiful whenever she laughs and don’t. Also intelligent and brilliant, always giving off a sweet scent, had the best hairdo when she was in the college. It was only her that her mother gave birth to. She made all her papers out of the college but no money to further the education. She wasn’t among those that were awarded scholarship. The college normally select five best students for the scholarship, she wasn’t good to the extent of scholarship.Rachael, the princess’ friend. She was the one the princess liked most amongst her friends. She was taller than the princess, loved waring trousers and tight t-shirts and tops. She wasn’t that brilliant, didn’t worth the that student should attend the university she intended in herself. She loved guys generally, she had more than three guys she was dating that time. Her father was Chief Tunde, a great chief in the palace.Beatrice, the princess’ friend also, she was also like the same height with the princess, not that tall. She hated guys generally from her view, when she had been dumped by two guys in her high school. She had promised herself never to date any guy again, not to talkof marrying. she was the daughter of chief Kolade, another respected chief in the palace. She was the most brilliant among the princess’ friends, although not as brilliant as Darasimi.Stella, she was the daughter of Chief Collins, she did visit the palace frequently. She was the only one out of her friends who hasn’t dated any guy as at that moment. She was faithful at going to church and readingher bible. She also liked Daniel when she sighted him.*****Darasimi got into her mother’s apartment, each mother had an apartment. She took in all what Daniel brought for her. She found a phone and a sim pack, she had always dreamt of the day she would use a good and camera phone, so she wouldoppress her friends with it. She was sohappy and inserted the sim into the phone. There was electricity, luckily. She charged the phone and waited for her mother to arrive.Not quite long, her mother Olufunke arrived home. She was sweating as if she went in search of a job. She brought in the foodstuffs as usual, although, all what she bought was justlike five hundred naira, but can last she and her daughter for at least a week. They eat twice daily, the mother had no phone since her phone spoiled.Darasimi rushed to collect the black polybag from her mum and took it to the kitchen. Funke was resting her back on one of the plastic chairs in there living room. The had no sofa, couch, no curtain at home. The floor wasn’t rugged, no carpet, it was even tiled. Although the house was always neat, but not attractive at all.‘Mum, Daniel was here.’ She uttered asshe pulled out from kitchen.‘See, I’m tired for now, don’t have time to start discussing.‘No mum, just listen to me this once.’ She uttered.‘You this girl, will you spare me at all.’ She frowned at her, looking so tired.‘Until I finish telling you this.’ She replied, she carried another plastic chair and sat by her side.‘Won’t you start preparing food for us?’She questioned and stared at Darasimi angrily.‘I will, at least just want to tell you what happened today.’ She replied smiling.‘What else would have happened, either the woman at the other street came to ask for her money or the butcher came for his money.’ She replied.‘No, far from it. I said Daniel came here.’ She replied.‘Daniel? The one that donated for the king?’ She wondered.‘Yes, so you didn’t hear I said it before.’ She smiled out.Funke, still wondering.’Why was he here?’ She asked.‘He came to greet me. He brought the phone there for me and a box is insidethe room presently, clothes, jewelries are inside it. He also gave me money, that I should give you. So we can pay for our debts now.’ She smiled.‘He did all this?’ Funke wondered.‘Sure, he’s now living with the King.’ She added and smiled.‘Wao! The boy is lucky o, so where is the money.’ She smiled at Darasimi.‘When I told you I wanted to discuss with you, you said NO, now you want money.’ She laughed and stood up.‘Does it matter? Just bring the money and I’m going to collect that phone, I’ll be using it. He can buy you another.’ Funke uttered.‘What!’ Darasimi exclaimed.‘And wait, why did he bring all this, or are you….’ She winkedBoth laughed.….To be continued


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