Episode 5

Gloria came out and met her son trying to volunteer himself as a donor, the queen also arrived at the scene and was surprised seeing Daniel, wanting to be a donor. She rushed to advice the doctor that she had found adonor for the king. The doctor rushed out on hearing this, he was annoyed but pretended to be happy seeing him.Preparations started for both of them to travel out. The king was in pain, andwas happy he found a donor. Gloria wasn’t happy hearing her son being a donor, same as his father, David. Princess Ruth was so happy that the guy would help her father, the Queen was also happy and promised to repaythem with goodness.…..The council of elders and the Queen were sitting at the palace for a meeting. They wanted to choose a representative in place of the king till he comes back. The Queen was just shouting on top of her voice, she insisted ruling her husband’s throne. Queen was a wicked and heartless woman, it wasn’t that she loved her husband that much, she was only pretending. She was happy she had no male child so that if the king should die, she would take over the throne.To the greatest surprise of the council,she stood up and put on the crown, she sat on the throne and said,’ as from today till my husband comes back, I will be controlling this kingdom.’ She said and laughed out.*******Ruth and her friends were in Ruth’s room, gisting about their admissions. They were all happy they made it, although they were all not brilliant but the fact about them being the childrenof chieves in that kingdom.‘That guy is great o, never knew he would do it.’ Princess said‘What are you saying? Rachel asked.‘Just remembering the issue of the guy who told me he would donate kidney for ma dad.’ She said.‘Hmmn! Don’t let me hear oo.’ Beatrice added.‘That what?’ They all laughed.….

Episode -6-

Two women ran inside the palace, they were in wrappers and fighting over a new born baby. The guards at the front of the door tried to stop them from entering but they pushed him to a side and rushed in. The queen was on the throne, relaxing with two guards at her back holding a fan. The queen was surprised seeing them rush into the palace, they both knelt before the throne with one weeping and the other with a baby boy sweating profusely.‘What is the meaning of this rubbish?’ She shouted. The two women were shivering with fear, the one with the child expressed. “We both gave birth to a child yesterday night, this foolish woman also gave birth to a boy, she slept on her child and he died. She has now been claiming that she’s the owner of the child.” She said.‘What!’ She shouted. “Is it now because of this foolish issue you’ve barged into my palace? You have no courtesy, I’m the king presently and order for you both to be beheaded tomorrow and the baby becomes the royal baby.’ She uttered sharply.****The two women were beheaded the following day, everyone, including the chiefs feared her and all prayed for quick recovery of the King. The King is not as wicked as this when he was there. She received a phone call that day from the Doctor, who informed her that the operation was successful and they would be coming in some days time. She was upset by this call, she threw away the phone and thought in her “this man is coming again to rule.’ She thought. A maid just came out of the kitchen with a glass cup and a juice. She knelt before her to serve her the juice. She looked at her angrily as she was pouring the juice into the glass cup. She shouted at her suddenly and the juice fell, she ordered for her to be locked up in the cell. The guards themselves were worried, they didn’t know what to do to satisfy her. She was wicked.…To be continued


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