My life on campus

EPISODE 47“Adaobi?” I said, pointing at her.“Banji.”“Adaobi.”She ran and hugged me so tightly. We let goeach other, I looked at her still surprised andsmiled.“What are you doing here?” She happily asked,breathing hard.“Hmm.” I sounded, looked at her father, thenshifted my focus back to her. “I was comingfrom the garage so I saw your dad trying to fixhis car and I helped him.”“Wooooow.” She shouted, covering her mouthwith her hands. “Now, I see. What goesaround comes around.”Adaobi’s father, who stood with a folded arms,watching the movie we displayed before him,immediately demanded our attention byclearing his throat. “You two know eachother?” He asked his daughter.“Yes Dad.”“Your classmate?” He asked.Adaobi gave her dad a sarcastic look. “NoDad! Come on.” She replied. “He’s far fromthat, he’s a university student.”“Huh?” Her father asked, surprised.“Yes Dad. He’s.”Her father shifted his attention to me. “Areyou serious?”Hey Mr! I repaired your car, kindly pay me andlet me go, I have a journey to embark on, Ialmost said. “Hmm. Yes sir. I’m.” I reluctantlyreplied.“That’s amazing!” He said and hurriedly wentinto his car.I quickly faced Adaobi, who was as radient as Ilast saw her. If we were in the cartoon world,definitely, my eyes would have a love badgeon it, popping in and out of my eye socket. Icouldn’t say a word to her because I waschoked by her fragrance, which smelled love,love and love.“What? Banji, why that look?” She asked witha smile on her face.As a literature student, I had read many booksand had crammed many quotes, then my brainlike Google carved out the needed ones anddownloaded them to my mind. “Adaobi, you’reso beautiful and your dove eyes are veiled byyour hair as it flows and shimmers, like a flockof sheep in the distance streaming down ahillside in the sunshine.““Hmm.” She sounded, blushing.“Your smile is generous, fully expressive,strong and clean. Your lips are jewel red, yourmouth elegant and inviting.”“Hmm, Baaannnjjjiii.” She said, shiftingcloserto me.“Your veiled cheeks are soft and radiant. Thesmooth, supple lines of your neck commandnotice. All heads turn in awe and admirationwhen you pass by.”“Oh my God!” She amazingly said, coveringher mouth with her right hand as her dadinterrupted.“Ada, where is the pack of my complementarycards?” He asked her from the car.“Dad, I don’t know. Check the safe.” Shequickly replied her dad to hear more ofmywords. “Banji, please continue.”I cleared my throat, dusted my shirt with theback of my palm, feeling like Aladdin. “Yourbosoms are like fawns, twins of a gazelle,grazing among the first spring flowers.” I said.She immediately looked at her chest tocomfirm if what I said was true. Oh mymy,literature has its advantage in the life of aman, I said to myself, jumping and throwing aparty within. She looked at me with a wink tocontinue.I paid her back with a smile and continued.“The sweet, fragrant curves of your body, thesoft, spiced contours of your flesh invite me,and here I am. I stay until dawn breathes itslight and night slips away.”I was already engrossed and burnt up withlove for Adaobi. The love I had for her wasmore than what Romeo had for Juliet. Ishifted closer to her, she closed the gapbetween us, and we both cared less aboutpassers-by. It all seemed like an Indianfilmshot in Nigeria.I looked into her eyes, she did same. “You’rebeautiful from head to toe, my dear. You’rebeautiful beyond comparison. Oh my God! Infact you are absolutely flawless.” I said,holding her by the neck and I quickly checkedif her dad was watching but thanks to thebonnet, it blocked the windshield.Some rich folks don’t give a d–n aboutwhatpeople say, I knew when Adaobi almost kissedme on the road. I quickly place my indexfinger on her lips. “We can’t do this here.” Isaid, partially thinking about the powerofwords.She became sad. “You are right. Ok, Iunderstand but I don’t care, you know?” Shesaid. “But it’s fine. I understand.”“Thanks for understanding.” I said withapounding and a happy heart.“Yeah Yeah” She said and smiled.“Can I have your number?” I asked, reachingfor my phone in my pocket.“Sure, why not.”I gave her my phone, she began typingwhenher dad caught us too close for comfort.“Ada!”“Dad?” She answered, trembled.She handed me the phone and walked up tohim. I stood where I was,waiting to be called.He signalled me to come and I rushed to him.He stretched some money to me with a smileon his face.“Keep it up. Ok?” He said.“Yes sir.” I said. “Thank you sir.”Adaobi’s father closed the bonnet of the car,then dusted his hands and his suit.“Ada, come on let’s go.” He said to hisdaughter.“Yes Dad.” She replied and quickly peeked atme before moving into the car.I smiled, fixing my eyes on Adaobi’s evervibrating backside as she entered into the car.They zoomed away as I waved at them.Money! Thank you Jesus for this miracle, Isaid to myself. I quickly kept my phone in mypocket to count the money,I found outit wasa huge sum of five thousand naira; It’shugeto a fellow who had zero amount in hisaccount.I kept the money in my pocket and broughtout my phone to save Adaobi’s number whichdisplayed on the screen of my phone. Iwasbolted from the blue when I looked at thescreen of my phone, Adaobi’s number wasgone.TO BE CONTINUED…


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