3 Rules Of Having A Successful Friends With Benefits Affair


So. You don’t want something serious, yet you want someone at hand for s3x, gifts etc.

But what are the golden rules you must adhere to?

1. Don’t Fall in Love – no matter how exciting and intriguing it might be for you, understand that the next person may not necessarily be feeling this way. DO NOT FALL IN LOVE!

2. Keep Your Affair Very Secret – It is all well and good to trust your friends. But understand that the moment you tell them you are engaged in this kind of affair, tongues would begin to wag.

3. Know When To Quit; Know when to run. Understand when to leave a relationship that has run its course.

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Popular rapper and bearer of the “King of the South” title, Yung6ix recently spent about 4 million Naira on drinks at a night club in Lagos. The rapper posted a video on social media, showing-off the bill with multiple zeros boldly written on it. According to him, he was drinking to his accomplishments but a lot of observers are of the opinion that the money should have been put to better use. What do you think, share your thoughts?




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DJ  Khaled ft Rihanna &  Bryson  Tiller-  Wild Thoughts.

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4 Patterns Every Relationship Falls Into

Why do some relationships end in
marriage while others unravel?this seems like a very complicated


question, research has found that relationships fall into 4 major patterns and one can help predict the eventual outcome of a relationship by figuring out which of 4 patterns it fits into. Below are the 4 major patterns every relationship falls into.
Partner-focused: “These couples are all about each other, every other person or any other thing is secondary, this is good because it could lead to marriage and strong emotional connection but on the
other hand it could be bad because one partner may be co-dependent on the other and people like this detach from friends and family when they are in a
Socially involved: “These type of couples have social circles and are very familiar with each other’s
friends, couples in this category who break up really have it rough but there is a high probability of them staying together if their friends and family approve of the relationship”.
Dramatic: “This is the “off and on” type of relationship, the constant fight, unreasonable drama makes their friends and family not want to see them stay together and these couples are more likely to break up than the other three patterns”.
Conflict-ridden: “For couples in this category of relationship, though they fight a lot, they are more likely to stay together than couples who fall in the dramatic group and for these couples, the fights they have are foreplay”.

7 Common Mistakes Every Married Couple Must Avoid


Every couple that wants t­o enjoy prolonged marital happiness and peace must be ready to do all in their power to ensure that do fall into marriage traps.
Below are 7 marriage mistakes that are so common and deadly that every married couple must avoid.
Being too serious: “Most men are guilty of this, yes, we get it- you have to pay bills and house rent and all others, but that does not mean you should look so serious and stuck up all the time; please loosen up a bit”.
Refusing to argue: “A married life without arguments might seem perfect, but when you reconsider it, it’s actually kind of creepy as it suggests that a certain lack of deeper communication, or pretence; most likely, you will not like some things your spouse does, or some views they hold, which will lead to arguments, no matter how little once in a while but refusing to argue is
most times equal to refusing to iron out some issues in your marriage and this is not good enough”.
Never making the first move: “This mostly concerns women, even if your partner is usually the one who makes the move for s3x in your marriage, don’t ever be afraid to switch things up as this is one change that will add a lot of spice to your bedroom life, same rule goes for other acts of displaying affection”.
Public fights: “Little quarrels and squabbles are quite normal, even expected to happen once in a while in every marriage; but for everyone’s sake, please keep your disagreements behind closed doors”.
Never eating together: “If you have never eaten a meal with your spouse; or if you used to but not anymore, you should start it again; couples should frequently find time to enjoy a meal together as it
has the advantage of helping you develop
communication and togetherness”.


Usher Raymond Finally Reacts To Herpes Lawsuit


Following viral reports over the wide claims that American singer, Usher Raymond alledgely infected two women and a man with herpes, the singer has finally responded to the claims by filing a legal document against a Georgian woman who accused him of infecting her with Herpes in April.

According to TMZ, Usher demanded that the $20million lawsuit filed against him be tossed out because the woman has no proof he gave her the incurable disease. “Her lawsuit says nothing about whether she had been tested prior to their alleged sexual encounter since a previous sexual partner very well may have already infected her.”

Recalled that some months back, after Usher Raymond was slammed with a lawsuit for infecting two women with herpes, who could only be identified with the name Jane Doe, he has been silent about the accusations and claim and has been seen several times in a happy mood with his wife, admist the claims

4 Love Destroyers People Often Overlook In A Relationship


We all know one or the other about relationships, we all have an idea of what to do and not what to do in a relationship, how to make a relationship work, we know that relationship buzzwords are intimacy, trust, attention, care, surprises, amazing s3x etc.

The list is quite endless as many people get ticked by several different things in their relationship but some of those attributes and requirements often get overlooked or forgotten when people are listing requirements for a healthy relationship.

“Funny thing is that these things, just like all the other obvious ones play a part in what the relationship feels like, and what the eventual outcome will be”.

Below are 4 love destroyers that people often overlook in a relationship.

Disrespect: “Respect has been the strongest bond holding them together and what often triggers hurt or anger is disrespect when there’s mutual respect, couples have a firm foundation upon which they can stand and weather any storm that may face their relationship”.

Being too uptight: “Take note that engaging in serious play and rough play, sometimes with each other is one of the best ways to secure the bond between the two of you, serious conversations about goals and where you intend to be in the next years, or reminiscing about your [warped/unhappy] childhood together are not the only ways to do that”

Lack of validation: “It is often frustrating when a partner does not make the effort to understand what the other is saying, you necessarily do not have to agree with everything your partner says, what is wrong is when you actually do not make any effort to understand the opinion they are trying to express; your partner deserves your validation, as it makes no sense when you shut their opinions or ideas without even trying to see the merit there, you do not need to agree, but you can do is at least try to “get it”.

No space: “No one like to feel ‘boxed in’ in a relationship, that you are a couple does not change the fact that you both are still individuals with separate lives, interests, and responsibilities outside the relationship and if ignored, this is one aspect of relationships that could eventually snuff life out of what you both are trying to build so give your partner the space to breathe – let them be able to see their friends, do the things they were doing before they met you, they do not have to be around you all the time as you both need to maintain your own identity”.